Responsive Websites and Mobile Websites

Responsive Websites3 300x250 Responsive Websites and Mobile Websites

Responsive websites have become very popular because they can be read quite easily on both desktop and mobile screens. With just one site, you can pick up both types of visitors. This is important, especially since over 50% of the web search traffic is now mobile.

Mobile Phones Need to See You

If your website is not able to be viewed by a visitor using a mobile phone, he may not even be find you in the browser listing. This is because Google has a vested interest in their customers having the best user experience. And of course, they would not have the best experience using their phone— and unable to read the tiny print on the desktop websites that opens up on their cell phone screen….

Thus the need for small businesses to have websites that are responsive to mobile phones—responsive websites.

User Experience in Mobile Websites

But here lies the problem. The visitor on a mobile phone generally expects a different user experience on a mobile website site than a desktop user.  Most of the time, they don’t want to do a lot of reading or research on a small mobile phone screen.

Generally, the mobile phone reader just wants to find a location, browse a menu, retrieve a coupon, find a price or contact the business by phone, or find directions.

A desktop user may want a bit more. He may be ready to do a bit more reading or research. So much more information and detail belongs in a desktop site. (of course, there are exceptions to this as well).

So how can a business owner solve this problem?

Mobile Websites

In many cases it is best to technically have two sites. If you already have a desktop site— then create and host a mobile website to complement this site.  The colors and logo should be as the same. This helps keep business branding consistent.  You don’t have to be overly concerned with this, but it helps.  Just make sure the logo and general colors are correct.

In the coding for the desktop website, include code that will detect if the visitor is using a mobile device—and forward him to the mobile website— otherwise the visitor will remain on the desktop site. (This should be seamless to the user, as he should only have to use the original desktop URL.

Since mobile searches on Google are now at the point of surpassing desktop searches, if you haven’t already—now is the time to take advantage of this trend and set up your site to be mobile friendly.


QR Codes, How to Use Them

What are QR codes?

qrcode 623 QR Codes, How to Use Them

QR codes are those little square dotted boxes that can be seen all over the place.  In the corner of  poster advertisements in windows, in magazines and in books.  QR codes are a short name for “Quick Response Codes.  Although they are not always used correctly, when they are— they can be very effective in directing interest to your product.

How QR Codes Work

You’ve probably noticed that one dimensional barcodes are used on just about all consumer probar code 150x150 QR Codes, How to Use Themducts.  The way they’re mechanically read is by bouncing a narrow beam of light off the code, — the gaps between the lines create a pattern which is interpreted into a code number we can read.

A 2 dimensional form of this is the QR code.  However,  QR codes can hold quite a bit more information. This is why QR codes can be useful to you as a business owner.  In fact, anyone who is promoting a product that is displayed online can use QR codes.  But it has to be done correctly.

QR code reader 150x150 QR Codes, How to Use Them

Most smart phones can download QR code readers.  By using their cell phones to scan QR codes, the potential customer or prospect can be automatically taken to a website.  This website can have contact information on how to locate your store.

In fact this works nicely with “Google Maps”.  The customer can even get driving turn by turn driving directions from their location to your place of business.

The result of a QR code  scan can even take the prospect to a mobile website where they can read a menu, click a link to call you directly– or even watch a video about your product.

When used correctly, QR codes even take the reader to an opt-in site to share their email in return for a discount coupon or other information of value.

How NOT to use QR codes

Remember— the reader is using a cell phone to scan the QR codes.  So do not send them to a desktop site.  This will only frustrate the prospect instead of attracting them to your business.  Make sure the websites they are directed to by the QR codes you use are mobile friendly (made to be read on mobile phones).

And if you put QR codes on posters, make sure they are put in an areas that have cell phone reception.  (I’ve seen QR codes on billboards on the side of the expressway.  Or even on posters in the underground subway).

QR codes on business cards?

Remember also that QR codes can be made fairly easily and unfortunately anyone with a little coding knowledge can create QR codes that transmit malware.

For this reason it may not be a good idea to use them on business cards that you randomly hand out.  A tech savvy prospect will avoid scanning it unless he really knows you.   Instead, you can more effectively use a simple web address on your business card.

Of course QR codes can be used on invitations to a local meetings or a seminar online as long as you are giving the card to a person who trusts you as its source.




Why you need your own hosting…


Although you may not always be told this, you really do not own your own business if you must depend on the company that you are an affiliate of to host your site.

Just as you wouldn’t want the company you work for to own your home.  Imagine living in such an arrangement.  The moment there is a disagreement with your employer, you would be homeless.

It is the same with using a replicated site from the company you represent.  You really don’t own it.  The moment there is even a perceived breach of agreement or the moment you fall below your supposed qualified status, you no longer have access to your site.

That is why you need to create and host your own site.


First you need to have your own domain. An excellent domain registrar is Go  I prefer them not only because their prices are so reasonable, but they also have an excellent support arrangement.  I have never run into a problem where they didn’t respond almost immediately.  Remember, when you work on the internet, you should expect a few hickups here and there.

Don’t be mislead by these instructional videos where everything seems to work the first time.  Videos are edited.  So usually we don’t see the multitude of things that can go wrong.  This is why you need to use vendors with an excellent support group.  In my opinion is such a company.

Watch my video on how to purchase your domain name…


You will need a dependable hosting service.  As I explained in the video, just as building your website is like building your house, your hosting service is like the property you build your house on.  The company I recommend from experience is  Again, just like Godaddy, they are very strong in the area of support.

Once you have your domain name and have signed up for your hosting, you will need to point your domain to your hosting servers.  Next, you’ll need to set up your hosting package and account.  Finally, my suggestion would be to set up WordPress as a blogging platform.  This may sound a bit complcated, but it’s not if you just take it one step at a time.

Besides, I cover all this in the video below…


Do you believe only what you can see? | seen

Seen and Unseen

Some people say they only believe what they can see.  If that were really true, they wouldn’t need to pay their electric bill— because you can’t see electricity.  They wouldn’t believe in the  existance of air, or wind because they are unseen.

To take things a step further, we could safely say that the things that are UNSEEN actually direct our lives moreso than the things we can see.  For example, think of a tree .  Imagine it to be a very large tree, with its Do you believe only what you can see like this tree Do you believe only what you can see?branches streching out in different directions.

Even in a very strong wind storm, that tree will not blow over.  Do you know why?  Well, just as the branches visibly spread out overhead for all to see— below the ground — invisible to us,— are the roots of the tree.  These roots spread out underground as far as the branches spread overground.  They keep that tree stable.

But, even more than stability, the roots of the tree bring nutrients and water to the tree from under the ground.  They feed the tree and keep it healthy.  So really, the roots have a tremendous effect on the health and life of the tree.  Even though they are invisible to us.

Now, you may be wondering where I’m going with this and what this has to do with setting up a profitable business online.  Well, the the thought is that there are many UNSEEN aspects that are influencing whether or not you are succeeding.


Check your Thermastat…

Did you know you have a thermastat?  Of course not a mechanical one.  But we do have what could be considered a financial thermastat.  Really…all of us do.  You can’t see it— as if it wer a physical organ in our body.  But it is there — as surely as all of our visible body parts.  It is part of our subconscious mind and can actually effect our actions and decisions.  Of course these actions and decisions effect our situation financially

Some people have their themastats set at millions of dollars.  How often have you seen an example of a billionare loosing everything— and in a short time getting it all back again.  These are perople with very high financial thermastats.  On the other hand, you may have heard of someone winning the lottery.  But in a short time they have lossed all the money and are financially back where they were in the beginning.  Why does this happen?  They are really not prepaired inside .  Their financial thermastats were never adjusted.  In time they went right back down to the setting that the thermastat had been set to.

So, in effect— if you want to get better results with your business.  You need examine your thermastat.  If it is at the wrong setting, it does not matter how hard we work at our business, we will ultimately return to the way we are subconsciously directing matters.

Look at the Root

So you see, our  outward visible appearance is only a small part of who we are and what makes us successful.  The bigger part is what is unseen.  Our deep seated belief system that effects us subconsciously (our financial thermastat) has the biggest controling effect— Just like the roots of that tree.  So if you really want to find out what to do to make your business improve— you may need to look at the root of the problem.




How to Retire With Online Income

Are You Ready to Retire?…  Can You Retire?

So many of the Baby Boomer generation (people who have been born between 1946 and 1964) who have retired are finding that they have to return to work– at least part time to cover their expenses.
44% of the baby boomers are unsure if they really have enough to retire.

In fact–millions who are on the verge of retirement have been living from paycheck to paycheck and have saved nothing at all! 6 in 10 have seen their investments and retirement plans— as well as their homes loose value in the last few years. It is understandable that those of us who are planning to retire within a few years are now very concerned about our income.  42% of us are actually delaying our retirement.

That is why I’ve created this new video course.  This course contains the latest in online business methods that will allow those of us who will need more income upon retirement— to have the skillset necessary to make an income using 21st century technology.  Please watch the video below…




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