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Creating a List of Prospects

List of Prospects– How Important is it?

Your list of prospects is vital to your network marketing your business.  Without this list, you have no business.  True you have a business system, but you need your list of prospects to begin with.  Now, I’m going to describe to you the two different options you have in creating this list.

First there is the “old school” method of writing down a list of prospects…

This is probably one of the first things your sponsor will ask you to do— write down a list of everyone you know.  They tell you– don’t prejudge whether they will be interested or not.  You’re told to write down everyone in your phone book, your doctor, your dentist, your aunt, uncle brother, sister—everyone.  The reason why they ask you to do this is because this is your “warm market”.  Your warm market consists of people who know you.  You already have some form of relationship with them.
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To their credit, the warm market is the best place to start out.  It is much more difficult to approach a stranger with your business opportunity.  So, in obedience to your trainer and sponsor, you make as large a list as possible and you begin calling your list of prospects.  At first you’re told not to tell them too much.  Just invite them to an “opportunity meeting” or a three-way call with your up-line– or even share a video that explains the business.  Then you follow up with the close—“are you ready to sign up?”

You may feel a little weird calling your friends and family.  But your up-line will tell you that it is the only way.  They’ll tell you that you need to “follow the program” and do not “re-invent the wheel”.  So, you continue to call your friends and acquaintances.  You fins that most are not at all enthused about your business offer.  Some may even be insulted.  Some try to avoid you.

When you start to question whether you should even continue calling this list of prospects, your sponsor tells you—“Don’t worry! Remember–“Some will, Some won’t—so  what?”– just keep calling and let the system work for you…

So you continue calling and pursuing all the names on your list of prospects.  You invite them to opportunity meetings.  Out of your list of prospects which originally was 200 names.  Two join your business.  However, unlike you–they are unwilling to create a large list of prospects made up of all their friends and family.  It is difficult to get them to do this because in your heart– you know this is just not working.

So now you are at the end of your list.  Your down-line has not come up with nearly enough in your list to keep your business going.  You ask your upline for advice and they tell you to hand out flyers– they tell you about the three foot rule.  That is anyone who comes within three feet , you tell them about your business opportunity.

Now, Let me tell you about the “New School” method of making a list of prospects…

You do not write down a list of prospects including everyone you know.  In fact, common sense tells us that not everyone is interested in owning their own business.  You DO NOT CALL all your friends and family about your opportunity.  If they ask you about it and its a good fit for them, fine.  Otherwise you do not pursue ANYONE with your business.  You do not hand out flyers, you do not put signs on your car—

Instead, you build a SYSTEMinternet system 174x300 Creating a List of Prospects

The system that you build– will build your list of prospects for you.  Not a list of prospects consisting of one or two hundred.  This system will build a list of prospects numbering into the thousands.  The system will sift though that list so that only the most qualified prospects  ones that are ready to join will call you.  By the time they talk to you, they already know what the opportunity is about.  They are now not your WARM market— they are your HOT market  because your system has actually introduced you to them by a series of educational emails.  You have been positioned by your system as an expert in your field, and they will trust you.

What you have in effect created is an internet marketing funnel that works using principals of attraction marketing.  So instead of the old school method of creating a list of prospects consisting of all your friends and family— you are creating a system that will build this list of prospects for you.  It will educate them to the point where they will contact you.

Of course, you are free to use either approach in building your list of prospects.  If your like me you’ll prefer the new school approach.  My next series of blogs will be showing how to build this funnel system.  We will start with selecting your domain in the next blog.  Go to Next Blog on Selecting a Domain

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