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For our project, we are going to optimize EVERYTHING — including our domain name. Of course, you don’t have to. Especially with a blog, your domain name can be a company name— or it may be your name (if you are branding yourself, then your own name may be the best). In cases like that– no matter what the domain name is– you can still optimize the individual posts to your blog. However, in order to make a cookie cutter process in our training, we will be choosing a domain name that is being searched for…

Choosing a Domain Name

For starters, we are going to choose a domain name to concur with our content. When someone types the subject in the browser it will be easier for the search engines to pull up our website. Therefore, we need to do a little research first— to find out what keywords people are searching for. Please watch the video below and then read the entire blog for details. Once you’ve accomplished this first step, then move on to the next blog on word press. For now you are going to accomplish three things:

1. Research a sizzling hot search engine friendly domain name
2. Register the domain name
3. Get hosting for your domain

Here are the links you will need to follow to establish your domain name:


When I look at the keywords “Make money Blogging”, using the google keyword tool— I see a very good search rate and a medium amount of competition. I try to stay away from high competition, at least at first.
keywords1 1024x319  Your Domain
I see in the Google Trend graph (below) that there is a sustained level of interest in the subject “Make money blogging”

You’ll also notice the ones who are doing all of this searching are from the United States, Canada, India and Great Britain…

So far, we can see that if we use these keywords in our domain name, we will have people searching for our site. To make our site user friendly, we may want to add a Google translator on the top of the page as well. I’ll show you that later on, as we progress.

If you are following along with each of these blogs, and are following through with what I am showing you— you will be creating a system which will be monetized each step of the way. Even when choosing a domain we will be setting up an income earning system.

Creating an account with Global Domains

Once you have chosen your domain name, your next step is to create an account with Global Domains. Global Domains is unique among domain registrars in that they also will provide excellent hosting services as well as WordPress. The goal of our website will be to train others to build their own optimized websites. This will simplify matters especially because Global Domains covers the steps of domain, hosting and the installation of WordPress. This can become quite involved for a someone who has not done this before. So by using Global Domains you create a simple cooky cutter system that levels the playing field for anyone you teach.

The second benefit

is that you may be doing this internationally. When sign up with Global Domains, you are given a 7 day free test drive. So the sign up is free. When we do pay, its only $10.00 a month. That is with the domain name, hosting and WordPress installation all included.

The third benefit

— not to be overlooked, is monetizing your system. By signing up with global domains for your domain, hosting and installation of WordPress, you automatically become an affiliate member. This means that when your blog directs others to create their domain name through Global Domains, you will get paid. So go to Global Domains, check for availability of a .ws domain name.

Keep going through the process– until you have your domain name set up.

In the next few blogs we will be setting up our WordPress website. We will be uploading plugins that will make our site super search engine friendly (A definite advantage in using WordPress). We will also be setting up our Autoresponder and email system. We will also be covering some interesting factors in SEO that will help you get organic traffic to your site. So stay tuned…

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