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What is Impossible?

nothing is impossible What is Impossible?Impossible…?

What is really impossible? Many of the conveniences we have today were once considered impossible.  Going back 300 years, a jet plane would have been considered impossible.

Man is now only beginning to understand the creative potential he has been designed to use.  And with this understanding comes the realization that nothing is truly impossible.  What man can imagine, man can create.  This is a gift we should appreciate.  Unfortunately, we often do not use this ability for our own good or for the good of those around us.

Impossible for you…?

This is not to say that there are no obstacles, or sacrifices that need to be weighed carefully.  But, if you are looking at a particular goal that would benefit yourself and your family— do not be quick to dismiss it as impossible.  You see, opportunities will only open up when you are ready for them.  You will never be ready if you are conditioned to think that just because something is not— it is impossible.

Suppose you want to better your situation financially.  The first thing necessary is to change your thinking.  For every situation, there are countless possibilities.  We need to keep our minds open to these possibilities.  We need to stop looking at things as impossible— and start looking at the possible.  First right down your financial goal.  Where specifically do you want to financially be? When do you want to get there?

Next, write a plan of how you will attain this.  Keep in mind, you need to weigh the sacrifice.  Nothing is free.  Consider what you may need to give in exchange for your goal.  Remember that there is no get rich quick idea that is not really a scam.  Actually, you may already realize that getting rich is not necessarily an answer to life’s problems and may be more attached to unhappiness than happiness.

On the other hand, having enough to help ourselves, our family and our fellow man is a very useful goal and can be attained if we positively desire to do so, and are not sidetracked by all the negativity around us.  Often we will find that by keeping an open mind, opportunity will find us.  What does that mean?  Well, if we are not of the mindset that where we are quick to dismiss new ideas as impossible, we will find opportunities were there all along.  We just could not see them.


Your Belief System


Whether we are aware of it or not.  We all have belief systems that effect— not only our actions— but what we actually can see.  There may be many business possibilities that could be right in front of you— but you may see them as impossible for you.  In other words, you may limit yourself based on a belief system that filters out these possibilities as impossible.

Our subconscious mind is always working.  Always processing information, even as we sleep.  If you continually expose yourself to negativity from the news, from entertainment, from friends— we unconsciously build a belief system that determines what we believe is impossible for us.

If we are not conscious of this, we may try to change our situation for the better.  But, if we truly believe something is impossible for us, this belief system will sabotage our own efforts for change.  Unfortunately, the results will support and strengthen our belief system— that success is impossible for you.

Change Your Belief System and Change what is possible…

gloomy What is Impossible?There is no “hocus-pocus” involved in this.  The things that we saw as impossible were possible all along.  We, however, needed to change to see them.  The limiting factor is ourselves.

We can change our belief system the same way we improve our diet.  You’ve heard the term “you are what you eat”.  This is true of our belief system.  If we constantly feed our minds with negativity, we become negative in the way we perceive possibilities.  Perfectly sound possibilities become— in our mid— impossible.

Try taking special note of what we watch on TV during the day.  What do you especially watch before you sleep?  Remember, the subconscious mind processes all this information as we sleep.  So, we need to think twice before we watch negative news in the evening before bed.  Instead, replace this with positive thoughts.  Read or watch up building positive material.  Watch what we constantly talk about.

Think about it for a moment.  Someone may say,”It’s a beautiful day out today”.  How do you reply?  “Yes, but its going to rain again tomorrow”.  Why not habitually acknowledge the positive.  You will find that small habits like this can change your belief system.  This can actually effect the life situation of you and your family.

If we are careful to follow these suggestions, we will find that so many things— we thought were impossible for us to accomplish—are truly possible.


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