Monetize comes from the Latin root word “Monet” meaning money.

So to monetize something means to turn it into usable money. For example, you can monetize gold, by cashing it in for money,

How do we monetize a blog?

Of course all the work we put into our blog is with a purpose. Its true, it does feel good and may even feed our egos a bit, to have our blog on the top of the first page of Google. Some people may blog just to get information out to the public. That is their sole aim. If that is the case with you, there is really no need to worry about how you will monetize your blog.

However, if your aim is to do business on the internet, then you need to monetize your site…

content 300x262 MonetizeTo monetize, first of all consider your visitor.  We have to remember that the majority of people who search the internet are looking for information.  Especially, do they appreciate free information.

So you want to have plenty of good quality, free information on your site.  This is a different paradigm from the old school sales techniques.  You actually give away knowledge— as much as possible.  Actually, as you see in this blog, very little selling is done.

Think of your blog as a place where you educate your prospect.  No adds and flashing banners should be in the body of your blog.  This should be a place where your prospect will visit with complete comfort— knowing that he or she will not be set upon by greedy advertisers.

You can discretely monetize your site by putting a banner or two on the side of your site.  But this should be done sparingly.  And if you do– make sure it is an excellent quality product that you yourself use.  It should also be directly related to your blog.  The product you sell should help the visitor in accomplish something you are writing about in your blog.

For example to help monetize this site— on the side of this blog, you’ll notice, I’ve embedded a video of a tool I myself use heavily—SEOpressor.  I am an affiliate of SEOPressor.  So by putting a link underneath the video to their sales page I get a commission each time a visitor decides to buy.  This helps to monetize my blog.

The best things in life are free…

I’m sure you heard that expression before.  Interestingly, it would seem that most of your internet visitors will feel that way too.  That is why, when you monetize, you should not over-do it in your blog.  Then, “Where do I monetize?”– you may be wondering.  That’s where your form comes in.

Your Opt-In Form

You need to place an opt-in form on your site.  The opt-in form asks for the visitor’s name and email address.  It is always best to offer something free in return.  Whatever you offer, whether it’s an e-book or a sample, It needs to be of excellent quality— and very useful to your visitor.  Remember, you are building a trusting relationship with your visitor.

Monetize with Email Marketing…

Your email is the place where will monetize.  But even in this aspect, you must not overdo the sales offer.  The reason is, you are developing trust. Your visitor must come to view you a trusted source of information.  As a email Monetizecouncilor and an adviser– not as a salesperson.  Once the visitor’s email is collected in your form, it transmits it to the next part of our sales funnel— your autoresponder.


In your autoresponder, you have set up a list of follow up messages that you have taken the time to write and monetize.  You’ve also used the scheduling aspect to have the autoresponder send them out to your visitor over a period of time.

How do I monetize my email?

To monetize your email effectively you must first of all, — concentrate on sharing a tidbit of real value.  A gold nugget– as it were.  The emails should not be to long– but should have real content.  Perhaps a personal experience or a link to some free information that will be helpful in their interests.  You can monetize all these emails by discretely placing your main business opportunity as a link at the bottom of your page.   This primary business opportunity is your back end proposal.  This is not offered up front.  Not until you have gained their trust.

Can you imagine a young man see’s a young woman whom he has never seen before at a dance.  He he walks over to her, introduces himself— and then immediately asks her to marry him.  What do you think the proposal 300x274 Monetizechances are of her saying yes?  She doesn’t even know him— and certainly doesn’t trust him enough to make such a big commitment.  He will need to date her first– give her a chance to know who he is and what he is all about.

Well, your business opportunity is not as big as marriage— but it is a big commitment to make on the internet — to someone you don’t even know.  This is why you keep in contact by sharing helpful content through a campaign of emails.  It takes a period of time.  But a percentage of your email list will join your primary opportunity.  That percentage will depend on what you are offering and MOST OF ALL how much they trust you.

Front End Proposals

Front end proposals monetize your email so that in the mean time– before they join your opportunity, you will be making money.  In fact — many who do not even join your primary opportunity, will purchase a front end proposal.  Front end proposals should be items that are of good quality— but less investment.  You can scatter them sparingly in your email to monetize your marketing program and keep a cash flow.

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