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Your Sales Funnel


What does a funnel have to do with online marketing?  Well, the funnel I’m referring to here is the tool we’re are going to create online— that will capture leads, re-qualify them to contact you and join your business.  In our illustration , our  funnel consists of  three main parts:  Your blog, your opt-in page or form and your autoresponder.

Your blog is the wide part of the funnel…funnel 279x300 Your Sales Funnel

Lets start with the blog.  If you’ve been following my blog up to this point, we’ve learned how to create an optimized blog that is easy for the search engines to find.  In our blogs we’ve concentrated on plenty of content.  We’ve learned about keyword research and how to use keywords effectively.  If you’ve applied what we’ve been discussing in our blogs, you should now be generating some organic traffic into the first part of your funnel.

This means that your blog is getting traffic from search engines— people are visiting your site.  When they do, they are entering the front end of your funnel.  On the sidebar of your blog is where you want to place your offer.  I would suggest using attraction marketing at this point.

How to use attraction marketing in your sales funnel…

Remember— attraction marketing uses a complete different approach from old school sales.  You do not bombard your visitor with your business.  As they travel though your funnel, you must establish a relationship of trust.  There are many scam artists on the internet.  So your approach must be different.

First make sure your blogs—the first part of your funnel are unique and full of content— useful content.  Next, the offers on your site should be free.  In other words, you need to offer something of value.  It can be a free information video, it can be a sample of product, it can be a free report.  Whatever it is should be of excellent quality.  Something gift Your Sales Funnelthat you would actually pay to receive.

Use an Opt-In Form as part 2 of your funnel…

After a visitor has entered your funnel, you offer this free content in return for their name and email.   In the video below, you will see how we set up our funnel by embedding an opt-in form in a text widget on the side of your blog.  This form will send the name and email to your autoresponder. The program used in this video is AWEBER. I truly recommend it as one of the best and easiest to use. And it is a very necessary part of your sales funnel. Click here to set up your account with AWeber…

Use an Autoresponder as part 3 of your funnel

You set up your autoresponder with a group of pre-written response messages.  Be very careful not to just sell in each email.  Instead you need to educate, inform and share.  This builds trust– over time.  In time, if your emails are truly adding value to the reader, they will grow to trust you.

Front end proposals

Every couple of messages you may want to direct the reader’s attention to a tool, software or e-book that can add real value to what they are interested in.  This is called a front end proposal.  This is not your main business opportunity.

A front end proposal is helpful because it continues to allow you to make money up front— even when they may not join your business.  You see, when you offer this proposal, you are also an affiliate, so you will be receiving a portion of the profit when the reader clicks the link in your email and orders.  ClickBank is a very good source for finding front end proposals for your funnel.

A word of caution— Always be sure of the quality of whatever is being sold.  It is a good practice to order it and try it out for yourself before becoming an affiliate.  After all, it is your reputation— and it is trust you are building with your growing list of leads.

Your Business Opportunity– at the end of the funnel

There are many viewpoints on this, but I recommend always keeping your business opportunity link on the bottom of your email campaign.  A good portion of your emails should be educational or have links to good quality information.  You should share some personal experience as well.  Now when I say personal, I don’t mean private information.  I mean information that reveals you as a person.

For example, if your industry is network marketing, you may share some of the fustration you’ve experienced in the past using old school methods— but, how you’ve found a better way to market online.  And– don’t hold back from sharing knowledge.  Be sure to over deliver.

Remember— in this part of your funnel–you are informing, educating and sharing.  This is what builds trust.  People do not buy from companies.  People buy from people.  Actually,— people buy from people they trust.

Every few emails you can actually highlight your main opportunity.  Remember, you don’t have to sell in your email.  If you’ve received a replicated site from your company, then let it be the last part of your funnel.  Let it do the selling.  Your job is to do the referring.


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