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Traffic Choices

With every website you have a choice when it comes to traffic.

traffic 300x203 Traffic ChoicesYou will need traffic. Without traffic your website is basically dead in the water. Just like a ship on the ocean without wind in its sails, your website is stagnant and still without traffic.

Imagine owning a coffee shop on a very busy busy street. You would do very well, because you would have plenty of customers coming in all day long. You would have no Desert1 243x300 Traffic Choicestrouble meeting your expenses. Your business would be doing well.

However, let’s now move that imaginary coffee shop to the middle of the desert. You may have a very beautiful place. You may have the best coffee. You may have all the comforts needed for people to enjoy themselves while they’re there.

But, the problem is the location. No one knows you’re there. No one knows how to get to you. So, though you own a very beautiful coffee shop, a place that has tremendous potential for income, you have no customers, no business.

Your site

How does this apply to your site?  Your site, is your place– or your coffee shop. Where is it located? In a busy section of the city? Or is it located in the desert?

What can you do to make sure you are located in the right place? How can you insure that you will be receiving plenty of traffic?

There are basically two ways.

  • Paid traffic

  • Organic traffic

Paid traffic is a very fast and effective way to get traffic to your site. You can put your site on a main Street very quickly. It takes very little time to do this, but it is expensive for the average person.

In other words, if you are starting out on a limited budget , it is better to find other means of generating traffic to your site.

The other choice we have is caled “Organic” traffic.

Organic traffic?

What is organic traffic? Organic traffic is when search engines bring visitors to our website. Let’s illustrate this:

Suppose you were looking for a new phone. You decide to use Google to find a website that offers this new phone. If you know particular phone you’re looking for, you will type this into the search field.

Then, Google would bring up a listing of web sites that contain what you’re looking for. When you click on the link to that website, you are now part of the organic traffic going to that site.

Organic Traffic is Free…?

So you see, organic traffic is an excellent way to go if you are starting out on a budget. Why? Because, Organic traffic is free.

But let me qualify that statement free. It is free in the sense that you pay no money. But, you do spend quite a bit of time.

If you choose to receive your traffic organically, then there are specific guidelines and rules you will need to follow . One of the first and biggest rules is the quality of your site. This would of course include content. That is, content that would be of value to your visitor. Google puts a very high value on the user experience.

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